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Ever thought of being a professional window cleaner

Most businesses at the moment will look for an employee who carries a lot of experiences and knowledge in the field they want to work for. Employers will see to it that the will have to exert less time and effort in training their future employees. However, not all jobs need a lot of know how on the job. The right instruction and familiarity will suffice.

Hard Work and a Friendly Attitude

commercial window cleaning bishop aucklandTake for example, window cleaning jobs for people who have less experience and knowledge of the said matter. One doesn’t need a diploma or certifications to perform this type of job. Proper training in techniques and methods will be enough to start working as a professional window cleaner.

There is no age requirement for you to be employed in a window cleaning industry. As long as you’re fit to do the task and that you can carry your weight then this will be the right track for your career path.

Window cleaning jobs also are becoming more and more popular because of its stress free working environment. You will mainly be working cleaning different types of windows, from commercial or residential clients. You could work in big building offices or in houses in certain suburbs. Hence, your working conditions will rely on the job itself.

If you don’t like working with other people, then this might be your dream job. For the reason that you generally will be working in small teams, if teams at all. You don’t have to talk to other people or to other co workers when you’re working on some other people’s windows. Of course, you might get to see each other because sometimes you need help from co employees to do the window cleaning jobs on a faster rate. But you don’t need to chat to them while doing the task itself. You can either choose to work by yourself or with a large group of co workers.

Traditional or Water fed Poles

A word of caution for those who wish to look for a window cleaning jobs in the cleaning industry, although this might sound easy and less trouble free, one needs to be extra careful when you’re searching. Take some extra precaution and understand the difference between cleaning high rises and residential buildings is hundreds of feet.

Make sure that the company you will be working for will offer you medical assistance when accidents happen. You can’t predict what will happen. All you can do is take every precaution necessary to ensure a safe working environment at your new window cleaning job.

Which is Best and which is Quickest?

window cleaning blade

Having cleaned windows for quite a while, I definitely know which method I think is best, both in terms of quality and ease.  Using a water fed pole is not quicker than traditional window cleaning from our experience, but then again, we insist on doing a proper job and take care to clean the frames, windows, sills and then thoroughly rinse the windows to remove all dirt.  We get a lot of work from word of mouth where home owners have experienced a poor job where their previous window cleaner has done the clean as quickly as possible and not rinsed the windows properly, leaving dirt which then produces streaks.

If you do a proper job, you get an excellent result, far superior to traditional window cleaning and although it might not be quicker, it is definitely safer as you are not using ladders and easier on your body, prolonging how long you can work effectively in this industry.

How to get Started?

You do not need a huge amount to get started window cleaning.  A bucket, squeegee, mop, scrims and set of ladders is enough to clean locally around your home, or a car/van allows you to travel further afield.  For water fed pole window cleaning, you require quite a lot of investment, around £3000 plus a van and facilities at home to purify and store the water in an IBC prior to filling up the tank in the van each day.